hari ni….

Muka sangat tak best now. Kasar dan ada bintik bintik kecil. Pastu jadi gelap lebih sikit. Maklumlah hari tu pergi Saint Petersburg and Paris berjemur je kerjanya. Especially when in Paris la… berjalan dari pagi sampai malam. And by malam pun, kat sana the sun still shines… up until 11 pm in St. Petersburg and in Paris at almost 9 pm… Jadi kering. Pastu now pakai Safi Balqis tu pastu jadi berminyak pulak.

In Saint Petersburg I had class until 6pm for two days so we started touring at 7 and above. Yeah, it somehow matched waktu berbuka kat sana. (Maghrib was at 10.40 pm on the first day I was there). Such a shock.

Oh well, let me tell you a bit about my trip. I took off from KLIA at 11.15pm and reached Schiphol, Amsterdam at 5.50 am. (around 12 pm in KL, 6 hours time difference). So sleepy, managed self check in for the next flight which was at 10.00 am. I arrived at Pulkovo Airport, St. Petersburg at 2.30 pm (around 6.30pm KL time). I still have 10 hours of fasting to do. I was exhausted! 😦

I reached hotel at almost 5 pm. Got ready, got out for some sight seeing and finding something to eat. I was lucky (heh) I was there with my boss so the office arranged for a car and a driver for us. Alhamdulillah. So that was why we had some chances to visit some interesting places. Our driver is an Indian man, so he speaks English well. 🙂 He was a good tourist guide too.

As when I was in Paris, I spent time walking on my own. My friend just gave me the direction, i.e what Metro line, and what stop should I take, with the map in my hand, alhamdulillah, I managed to reach Eiffel tower, Musee du Louvre etc. One place that I missed was the Notre Dame. 😦 Such a shame.

Paris was hotter than St Petersburg, particularly because I was out at the most sunniest time. I guess that was why my face became darker and rougher. 😦

Haih, raya is so near… I wish I had my skin colour back by then. 😛


I received another practical student today.

I will blog about it later.

Till then,



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