Pasal kerja sikit

Dah lama tak bebel pasal kerja.


Next two weeks I have this regional meeting in KL. The previous one was held in Bangkok and I was the permanent rept for this group at the big meeting. That was no problem, as the big meeting (mother meeting) was attended by the other ministry. So, now when the mother (and the children meetings (subgroups)) is going to be held in Malaysia, the arrangement is kind of messy.

The organizer send this letter to our XX division, which is the same letter (invitation) that I have received from the secretariat (regional secretariat). That was not a problem until this one officer sent me an email to ask who will attend the meeting.

She forwarded this long emails (an email with few replies and responses from her boss) and to my understanding they asked to attend the big meeting (mother meeting).  So I replied to them and asked which meeting should I attend, do I have to attend the big meeting, since I will be there to attend my group meeting. There are like 5 groups will be meeting during the meeting period.

My reply was like this;

Appreciate if you could specify which meeting should I attend. For your information I will be attending the LTSSWG Meeting on 25&26 September 2012.

Then she replied to me, something like

I was only forwarding this as directed by Mr. M (my boss) because I was informed that he is now in a course.  About who should attend the meeting, I advised you to consult Mr. M yourself.


I was like, mannnnn you are way more senior than me….

How could you give me this kind of reply. This is disappointing.  I was asking which meeting. Because the meeting will be going on for 3-4 days, and I have this field trip to arrange for my group. I would have to manage myself if I have to also attend the big meeting. 😦 I don’t think she reads all the attachments in the email. There are about 3 attachments with the schedule of the meetings and everything. It seems like she thought I won’t be able to attend the meeting on the date. It seems like she thought that the LTSSWG meeting is not under the big meeting.

That’s what I think when I read her response.

Then, I thought, never mind, I will consult the Malaysia Secretariat myself.



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