3 days of love ;)

I did what I love the most during that last 3 days of weekend. 🙂 I love Malaysia. So many public holidays! I decided to drive to my aunt’s in Muadzam, Pahang. I started the  journey after a hearty early lunch with my friend in Alamanda. We ordered like we were starving! She was I think. I had my fair share of oat and milk for breakfast. 😛 She took away most of her orders anyway.

From Putrajaya, I drove to fetch my future sister in law in KL then we drove to Pekan through  a little bit of Senawang, Kuala Pilah, Bahau to fetch my brother (her fiancé) then drove back to Muadzam. That took me about 6-7 hours. 🙂 Lucky me, the traffic was on my side that Saturday. Oh, I had bought a nice 500 g of daging salai at Kuala Pilah. Love!

Days spent at aunt’s was always a great experience. My aunt and uncle used to take care of my siblings before they got married. That was in 1990. I know that we are so dear to their heart. They keep our childhood photos with them and they always want to look at the photos when we were around. 😛

Anyway, here are some photos of my weekend. What about yours?

on my way to fetch Miela…
Miela and I, upon arrival
it was Malaysia Day on 16th September 2012 this is on my way to Felda Neram II, (another weekend)
picking up things for aunt in Segamat.
took my cousins and brother and sister to 1 Segamat, the new mall in Segamat
my family 😉


daging salai masak lemak cili padi with spaghetti. 😀
Kuala Pilah. Reminds me of this one blogger. This was captured while we were stuck on the road to Ulu Bendul
What’s more to love? KLCC at night is always a lovely view. 😉

p.s : Now am loving Noah and Judika.



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