Few days ago I have came to my senses that I was way over few things due. 😦

But, Alhamdulillah, I still could find few other ways to mend things. Alhamdulillah!

So far, today, I have done few things, both for my study and my job. Tomorrow I have to handle a big challenge, related to both, my field of study and my work. It’s good to have both things related.

I had attended this talk by Dr. Ruth, a logistics expertise, a visiting Professor at UiTM, he’s based in Thailand, the Thammasat Business School.  Tomorrow he will come to my office to have some discussion related to logistics industry in Malaysia and I was assigned by my boss to be the moderator (rather) than being a participant. 😦 I still am not sure what should I talk to open the discussion tomorrow). I feel so small when I attended the talk this morning. I don’t even have question to ask!

Nevermind, shall be ready for tomorrow.

Oh, did I update you guys that I was appointed as a Secretary for our office PUSPANITA? It’s a busy affair. 😦 But as I was appointed by the top lady herself, I shall take the responsibility with both hands. 😛

So, wish you (and I) best of luck!

One thought on “Challenge~

  1. Chah, teringat pula pada Barney Stinson’s “Challenge Accepted!”

    ida pon sama diberi tugas berat oleh bigbos hari ni. a challenge, she said. insya Allah, ida cuba, moga Allah permudahkan jua 🙂

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