New challenges~ Up for it anyway!

Salam all,

For these past few months I’ve been appointed to be secretary for Puspanitah and assistant secretary for Kelab Sukan dan Kebajikan whatevs in the office.

And now the deputy assigned me to attend a one month lab starting next week.

My raya haji cuti was cut from three to two. I have the little jobs on the list that’s why I have to attend the lab. Boss asked each one of us to come out with job listing for a month and apparently I had the least numbers of jobs to be done. (Because most of the time I had ad hoc invitation and all). Even though I have two big meetings coming up,  my boss told me that he could handle that so I guess I was fine with this lab participation.

Oh, by the way, I secretly love the lab’s topic.


Have a great weekend you guys!

last night was spent with cousins and Miela. It’s Nurul’s and Aiman’s birthday celebration. Both of them are October babies.

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