Rumah oh rumah

Last June when my then housemate went away for a better job in another state, I met up with my landlord. He asked a few things and made sure I understood what I should be paying for the house, etc. He then asked me how long will I stay at the house as well as he alerted me that his daughter was actually going to work somewhere or sometime after she graduated, maybe, or maybe got married whatever, and that she’s going to stay at the house. So I replied to him that I won’t be long at that house (my current flat) as my own house is going to be ready next year (this year, sometime in March, or April). He was okay with that arrangement.

Until today, the sometime finally arrived this morning and hit me on the head.

The landlord finally told me that he needs the house by March.

Oh God, I have just invited a friend of mine to stay with me, as I had already started to pay for my own house. I thought that the house would be ready in February (not surprise, eh) but somehow there’s any good news from developer. So I continued to live as usual in my own flat. (I love it).

So, right now I am kind of in dilemma.

I have a lot of things to be packed. I don’t want to move to another house unless it’s my own house (which will be ready soon), actually. It will be a redundancy as few months later I might have to move again. It will involve money, lots of it to pay for movers.

Anyway, we could only plan and everything is determined by Allah.

Just hope for the right choices that I am going to make.

Insya Allah.


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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