Millionaire Matchmaker


Selamat Hari Jumaat, alhamdulillah. Diberi kesempatan lagi untuk tulis blog ni. Yang rasanya tak tau lah ada orang baca ke tak. Anyway, today I spent few minutes reading the “cloudy thoughts”, read : tag of topics of what I’ve written here. I wrote few things about my favorite show, apparently. So now I am gonna write about the Millionaire Matchmaker. πŸ™‚

What I like about the show is of course the boss, Patti! πŸ™‚ She rocks! She’s definitely the expert!! *bow*

Patti! πŸ™‚

She knows what she’s doing, and she’s so good in forecasting? reading palm? But when she sees a millionaire, she already know what to expect and how to improve someone. She’s so full with theory and surprisingly she’s got things right every time!

Anyway, watching this show I can’t help but think, yeah, some of them (the millionaires) are not very bright? Yeah, they made a lot of money but still they’re human and they are exposed to so many dumb things. πŸ˜›

Few times Patti did put some bite in a mixer (when she gathers 30-40 possible candidates to meet with the millionaires) just to see whether Β the millionaire will stick to the right choices, or they will do their usual habit in dating, which Patti had advised them before any mixer.

Oh, really, I don’t know how to explain this anymore but it’s one of my fav show right now.

Go watch in on 720, every weeknight at 10.15pm I think. But the new season’s starting on 14th February. πŸ˜‰

#guiltypleasure #blondemoment.

3 thoughts on “Millionaire Matchmaker

  1. Does Patti losing weight or just a picture imposed?

    Speaking of a bright person, read and you will be surprised how moron some people are/were.

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