Terima sahaja

Tak tahu seriously nak tulis apa.

Well, now I am living in Puchong.

I don’t know when my own house would be ready, maybe in this near future, maybe in a few months. Maybe, maybe.

I will have to think of some renovation to do. Thinking of creating a walked in wardrobe, a loft in the third room – which maybe for reading or work purpose, it’s one of the rooms with now window but had this high ceiling, with great natural source of lighting, renovate the kitchen area, to pull the dining space to be at the same line with the porch. Oh, so many things to be planned!

I had this one lot, the last corner lot house available on that soft launch day, lucky me. 🙂

Ah, somehow thinking about this house seems to calm me down. 🙂

You know that I’ve been working with few people in this place, some of them seem to be so bossy that I felt like it’s a burden to work with them, poor me. Anyway, it’s such a blessing in disguise though because I could reflect and put into my mind that I would not act like that if I am to work with anyone, I don’t wanna be so bossy that it hurts people, if I could.

Somehow I am blessed to work in this division which is only a small division with less than 20 people, which led us to be close that even if I hate to work with you, I would just put up because you are like a family now, which I know that even though you hate me, you will always try to help me anyway. It’s like that la, more or less, it’s okay if you don’t understand.

Tonight I have this ladies night for some society. Like one in New Jersey Wives something maybe where ladies gather and wear nice clothes, with nice bling bling. I have to be there even though I am not a wife just because I don’t have nothing better to do, and well, I was asked by the boss lah!

It’s a meeting day again tomorrow. Then there’s a taklimat for students on Friday in UITM. My study? Seems to be nowhere right now, damn. 😛

I will have to put more effort, I know I keep saying this but (I always have but, kan? an an an?) No but anymore, no excuse for my own mistake (and stupidity). I will have to make it anyway. They expect me to finish in less than 4 semesters. 😀 How could they put such a high expectation to me?

I don’t know.

Okaylah, have to get ready for the dinner.

Quite a lot for nothing to write, eh?


Share here my photo when I was a power ranger. 😀

power ranges

11 thoughts on “Terima sahaja

  1. “when I was a power ranger.” Ayat memang tak tahan. Awat resign power ranger? Villain dah habis masuk penjara semua ke? Atau outfit dah tak muat? Ahaks!

    Indeed, just by reading your thinking of the house made me calm, and I feel envy you know. Such a lucky person you are.

    1. tata, alhamdulillah atas kurniaan Allah bagi…
      janganlah envy.. hehee 🙂 i envy you dapat duduk dengan family tau! 🙂

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