Hilang telefon

my current phone SAMSUNG Galaxy S Advance

Jumaat lepas, masa on the way balik Kelantan, Syafiq, Matmin and I stopped to have dinner near Sri Gombak. After that, I macam galak nak beli magazine. That’s when I remember putting down my handphone to reach a new copy of Cosmo.

Then, paid and entered the car with the new issue of Cosmo. 2 minutes, I was like, Syafiq, could you please dial my number. I think I’ve lost my phone…

Exactly, I’ve lost my phone so Matmin made a U-turned then we returned to the magazine shop only to find out that my mobile was nowhere in sight. I remembered exactly the place where I put it before, but of course…

Syafiq dialled few more times and at the third ringing it was off. Β Matmin suggested that we went to nearby Celcom Center to report and stop the number. I tried to call the center while both Matmin and Syafiq tried to persuade whoever who find the phone to return the phone to the owner (me). Β Their sms sounded almost like this

“mohon jasa baik tuan untuk pulangkan telefon ini.. banyak kenangan bersama famili dalam telefon ni. Yang berharap sangat, terima kasih.”

While I was talking to the customer service operator explaining and asking, Syafiq’s phone was being contacted by my phone! Someone called us using my phone!

Long story short, I got my phone back, Alhamdulillah. The whole drama took almost 40 minutes, where I left it in Gombak, and got it back in front of a temple in Batu Caves. πŸ™‚ In front of the flower stall some more. πŸ˜›

The founder asked me for some money, I just gave it. If she didn’t return it I will probably lost more money and lots more of everything I have in the phone.

Okay, then I read the Cosmo on Saturday to find an article about losing your smartphone, what are the apps to install in order to track your phone if you lost it, etc, what an irony!


So many dramas kan!!!

Yang benar,

Drama Queen.Β 


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

11 thoughts on “Hilang telefon”

  1. kalau hilang x dapat balik lagi rasa terkilan kan.. takpelah.. dah rezeki dia… ada dia ckp camne jumpa?

    1. ada…
      panjang cerita dia and as much as I want to, I don’t think I could believe her.
      apa2 pun, alhamdulillah i got my phone back. the photos inside, the memories (emails, log in on MAS, AirAsia, booking.com, FB, twitter… etc) that are all sooo important and if smart people find it they will know how to take advantage.

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