Ketemu jua kita lepas election. Well, I’ve done my part, hope you guys too.

Lots of things being discussed, whether the the discussions were close or open, people have their right to voice out their opinion, though, most of the time, I hope they did think about what they wanted to share, before sharing.

Because most of the time, words hurt more than swords.


I was in Brunei last week from 2-4 May then, upon arrival on Saturday, I went straight to the office to get my car, and straight away, I started my journey to my hometown, which is almost 400kms from Putrajaya. It was a tiring journey, but hey, I think I love every single minute of it. Yes, I drove home, alone.

On Sunday, I went to cast my vote too!

Then, spent time with family, went to market, and cooked at grandma’s. I just hoped that my grandma would agree to stay at our house instead of her own house.

It was sad to every time we wanted to leave her.

Hmm, yesterday, I started my journey back here at 5.30 pm and arrived at 3.00 am in front of the gate.

I have nothing more to say.

It’s just that…

One of the candidate promised a bullet train from here to my hometown, I was curious whether or not the bullet train promise was included in the promise at my hometown.


all the best to all.


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