It’s my late mum’s birthday tomorrow.

How I missed her, it’s like I still can hear her voice, her excited and cheerful voice when we spoke on the phone the last time, the last night before her passing.

Al Fatihah.

Last year, she was here, at my Putrajaya home on her birthday, I took her to National Museum and she even followed us siblings to Uptown Mines the night before, she said that she needed to walk, to practice for saie (she went for Hajj last November, and she passed away 5 days after returning home). May Allah bless her, and may our good deed will be with her, insyaAllah.

I am not sure about my other siblings, they seem so strong, I hope they are stronger inside.

I am not sure about what future holds, but I wish that we will always be blessed, though most of the times I found myself slipping away from Allah. Hopefully I will be better muslim…

last year, during school break 🙂
at the National Museum
Celebrating her 54th birthday, last year.
May Allah bless her soul…




Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow”

  1. i just spoke on the phone with my mom.. terasa perpisahan mutlak tu semakin hampir, tak tau la pihak mana yg dulu.. tapi it made me so sad…

    sabar ye kawan2.. moga Allah merahmati roh ibu2 kalian..

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