Semalam I berkongsi perasaan dan luahan hati, di twitter. Sadis juga. Ada hal sedikit.

Susahkan, being the eldest one, with no mum and adik adalah range dari umur 30 sampai 13. How do mum coped with everything. I wanted to tabik spring to every mum in the world.

I have to listen  (read, in my case, because brother typed his heart out via sms) to their feeling. The critical part is I could detect a dissatisfaction on something, but what disappointed me the most was that he knew who and who he should meet to voice out his feeling but he chose to kept the info from me. He chose to make silent but at the same time, voicing out his dissatisfaction on me, and when I asked and suggested thing, he came out with an unexpected conclusion.  It disappointed me even more.

Nevermind, I guess he could think for his own good, he’s thirty anyway.

Dahlah, today I am having buka puasa with officemates at Bangi Golf Resort, (in Bangi ler…)

Till then, bye.


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

One thought on “Berkongsi”

  1. dearest,

    patience is a virtue, something of value and not everyone has it in abundance.. we gain them through life lessons, the more bitter the lessons, the more patience we gain..

    in terms of human relations, most importantly, familial relations, the key to problem solving is communicating first the problem. and the rest, with Allah’s guidance will fall into place.

    do be patient. a sister’s heart, being the eldest like you, need to be patient and accepting. it’s not a substitute to a mother’s ever understanding heart but i know your heart is able to function if not fully, at least partially like hers. we have love for our siblings, do we not? when love is topmost, and the heart is full with it then ugly things though ugly, will soon work itself out..

    Ramadhan is a gift, and Allah is near, let’s make a full use of what’s left.. insya Allah, you’ll feel much much better and at peace. my prayers are always for your solace~ and i think your mum too would have prayed the same, if not more and more..

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