Pejabat dan hal remeh yang saya tak suka

I prefer to buy my own air flight tickets (for official things) because, well obviously the prices are a lot cheaper than having it through the agents. Well, as office has its list of agents, sometimes we have to buy from them. But one thing that I don’t like is the finance is not in line with me, they thought of that in a way, like why don’t you use the advantages the office offered? Okay, for me, unless I am travelling international and getting business class, might as well I pay the airfare on my own then claim it in monthly claim, because it is way cheaper….

Bosan la bila dia nak resit la apa la padahal I bought the tics from mhmobile android je so all I got was the email confirmation from MH. Tak percaya dengan I, itu sangat menyedihkan, well buat apa la I claim mengarut I will use that money to eat… HUHU. Sedih.


Satu lagi, hal remeh yang menyebalkan hati I ialah when junior officers don’t show any respects towards their senior. Oh, well. I tak kisah if you want to call me kakak, but when I say something like “I nak gi lunch ni” then someone so “friendly” said, “aku nak ikut lah!” if I said “I” you should say “I” too!!! Yup, I am cerewet (cerewet ke) like that. Once I received the invitation to join a training session for a sport, someone replied things like “nak aku book court ke?” I don’t even know that person but I saw a lot of senior officers name in that email chain so I think he/she should be more careful in choosing words to use, even in an unofficial email. Kalau dengan abang abang driver atau pembantu biasa, I don’t really mind… ini junior officer kut. Because simple, I didn’t behave like that when I was in my first five years of service, so yeah, basically I am expecting the same out of them. So in the end, I don’t think I would be able to play with this kind of people so I skipped the training session, and they won the game, anyway. HAHA. Okay, takde kaitan.

Eh, by the way banyak yang saya suka kerja sini. Itu cuma yang saya tak suka. By the way ari tu main game untuk opis, tak main pun jadi reserve je. haha tapi menang gold. okay lah tu.


Well, selamat bekerja to all.


All the best!






8 thoughts on “Pejabat dan hal remeh yang saya tak suka

  1. On the travel part tu, memang ada policy and guidelines yg kena ikut. Itu yg kitorang kena follow lah. Sama mcm hotel gak, boleh book sendiri, then kena check hotel yg dalam company list. Leceh. Tapi dah guidelines, ikut je lah.

    That’s why i suka guna english in everything. Tapi, you’re right, they should know how to differentiate formal and informal. They should be professional.

  2. hmmm lupa plak nak komen psl ‘finance office you’ (read: my dept)..tu lah sometimes kan government guidelines ni make us finance officer so rigid tau..dan kdg2 membazir..ahhh malassss nak komennnnnnnnnnnnnn

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