If only, I could. Banyak benda dalam kepala.

i) nak marah dengan orang yang cakap pong pang pong pang then in the end, ask a consultant a question, “can you brief me about this this, I don’t really understand what it is…” yang awak sembang tadi tu apa?

ii) bosan dengan orang yang menuding jari dengan alasan, kerja ini adalah kerja you, bukan kerja I… eh, at the first place, why did you do this? why didn’t you ask me to do this? oh, wait you know that I am not capable of doing this because of those restriction that you are well aware of, then…  in the end, the management wanted you to do this instead, but to get me involve and along the process all I got from you (well, one of the things) was “this should be done by A” all the way… why?

iii) people who asked question which they already got the answer. What’s the problem with these kind of people… memalukan. Ini adalah kes when they could once again, point finger.

If only I have the courage to voice things out. I don’t want la. Macam bengap jer. You all fahamkan lah sendiri.

Was in Qingdao last week 🙂


p.s : things are between agencies, outside my office.

Here’s to those people.



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