Epic Roadtrip. Epic ke.

I was in Kuantan last week. My boss decided to go down to see the effect of the big flood there. The program was assisted by one of our agencies. It was a fun one, I had my time. 🙂 I departed from BTS on Friday in my boss’s car with the driver. 

We reached Kuantan and was escorted to the homestay (where the others had arrived the night earlier). After Jumaah prayer, we started to visit the families and the houses. The handsome chairman and the committee of the housing area had arranged/filtered 50 families who had badly effected by the flood to receive our contribution. What we gave was small, very small, but it was a meaningful event to get to talk to them, some of them showed us the photos of their houses during the flood. Sad. Cars being stuck in the garage, can’t even be pushed, towed is the only way to get the car out of its place. Pity them. All the furnitures, home appliances, gone, gone. Books, clothes. Clothes had to undergo at least three steps of cleaning out of mud, smell and dirt. 😦

It was a moving experience and I am grateful that my home wasn’t even once effected by the flood even though we’ve seen our neighbours braving the flood, since I was kid.

I already planned to go to Penang to attend my good friend’s wedding, on Saturday and since the boss asked me to go to Kuantan I resorted to ask the agency to find me a bus ticket to Penang from Kuantan on Friday night. HEE. They (the agency) was very kind to me. They bought me a 10 pm ticket to Penang. 🙂 So, off I went to Penang, but I had a chance to have dinner with Aini, my batchmate who works in Kuantan. She picked me up from the Zenith (where my boss stayed), I sort of lay over at her room hahaa, boss was tired, she slept right after we got back from visiting the houses.

I reached Penang at 6 am! Tired and sleepy, prayed and continue to sleep. Buzzy drove me to Fafa’s kenduri. 😉 Thanks buzzy. 

Didn’t do nothing much, on Sunday we went to buzzy’s friend wedding do. Then I was back on the bus to KL. Reached here after midnight, was tired. But it was fun. 🙂


That’s all, how boring is it?

Pics later. 


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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