1. Drove to attend meeting at PKA. Was a nice drive, because the timing was perfect, no traffic jam. The fact that I reunited with my Experia was a good help, I could use Waze, trying new route, improve the cost of toll.
  2. Am having a cup of Nestum original, mixed with the 3 in 1 Nestum. It’s my late afternoon craving. I have them stocked up in my office. πŸ˜›
  3. Meeting, was a good one.
  4. I am taking the flight home tonight, insyaAllah.

That’s for today.

  1. Thinking of repainting my jiji. Oh, you haven’t heard much of jiji lately, I guess. Oh. My fault. It’s the 7th year of us now. HEHE. No, I don’t think I am getting a newer model. Not now, at least. I will finish paying the car sometime next year. InsyaAllah.
  2. Rumah, okay, I’ve done nothing much. Will work harder.
  3. Study, okay quite okaylah. πŸ˜› Will work harder too. Wish me luck.

Okay. Bye.

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