Dah 20 hari 2014! What have I achieved? 

I just sent jiji for a make over. Huu I think I am gonna miss the previous look, ah, miss jiji right now. I have been staying at my staff’s quarters for almost a week now. Pffft. We go to work by bus, everyday, for hmmm three days, including today heee. 

I left my homework at my Puchong house. 😛 So, no progress of that, I can’t bring myself to find a car for me to move around here and there, I relied on my friends to offer me ride, hee, instead of asking, because I malas nak susahkan orang la. 😛 I moved on foot, or on public transport or tumpang kereta famili (makcik) and friends. 

These days I have been thinking a lot of my KW house, like I really need to do something about it. I have so many assignments to work on, on my life. I shouldn’t have so much time to dwell on the past, I should be thinking ahead, I have to always remind myself that. 

I always say that I deserve more, that I should love myself first but I always find myself thinking of, Oh, what have I done to myself, I deserve better and all. 

I don’t expect you guys to understand, is there any reader at all. I mean it’s 2014 and I still write the same piece I wrote few years back, again and again, seems my life is circling in the same environment. Well, maybe because I didn’t move much pun kan. 




Shall get back to work. 

Hope your days are better. Take care.




Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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