Pagi tadi bangun ingat nak sahur, so buat milo, makan biskut, sort of hungry because the last meal that I had before sleeping was at 3 something pm. Tak jadi pun puasa because I woke up hungry again at few minutes before 7. 

From 530-543 am I was browsing the instagram, especially the hashtag of ramelleazura or azuraramelle or something like that, it was a supermodel, Tg. Azura’s wedding, she married Jejai’s brother, Ramelle and I think it was a beautiful wedding so I spent minutes looking at the pictures under the tag. The dresses, the guests, the moments, the bride and groom, the families, were all beautiful. So beautiful that when I slept from 543 to 6 something I dreamt that I was one of the family members. Hiaaah. What a dream.

It was a beautiful dream, I met my late mum. 🙂 My sisters were all dressed in beautiful dresses that in real life you won’t see the dress on them. Imagining Ainun wearing laces! I was shocked even in dream! HAHA.

But the house was our childhood house, the wooden house where we grew up from 80’s to 2000.

I miss home. 🙂


Have a good weekdays all! 


One thought on “Mimpi

  1. buzzybug Mei 26, 2014 / 7:03 pm

    I pun suka tgk wedding Tg Azura tu. Simple tapi lawa giler

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