Letting go

I think I have a serious problem of letting go.

This troubles me. It affected my day. I don’t like it. I want to stay in everyone’s life. Am I being selfish for wanting that?

I have to let go. Of the past. And should focus on the now and plan/face the future as it will come anyway.  InsyaAllah.

Reminder to myself:

Past is past, you can do that whatever throwback that you want, but please, only on sweet things, don’t dwell on those hurtful things. And please appreciate those who stays with you, in your life and those who includes you in their life. They are your rock. Don’t hate people, don’t you ever hate people. (I said this because I think I also have a tendency to dislike people. HEEEESH! Not good! Not good at all! I used to see all the positive and good side of people but somehow now the ability is vanishing from myself. I have to get that power back!)

Berusahalah! 🙂

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