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September lepas sangat busy. Kira kira, ada dalam 12 kali saya turun naik kapal terbang. Naik bas, naik erl, pergi meetings, jumpa orang sana, jumpa orang sini. Sebenarnya best. Agak meletihkan tapi saya rasa okay je. Jumpa kawan-kawan di merata, di Penang, di Kuching, di JPJ KLIA, etc. Semuanya adalah baik-baik saja and I can’t be thankful enough for having great people in my life. Alhamdulillah.

Eh, by the way, I do have a good occupation too. Alhamdulillah. Pekerjaan ini yang menyebabkan saya berpeluang buat macam-macam, kenal orang yang macam-macam juga. Kejap. This quote.

I think you have to cope with my childishness as I have been coping with your adultness.

I just had to write that down sebab dah few days this thing been on my mind. Takut lupa so I tulis dulu.

When I was in Penang, I got to sit down with my exboss whom I thought didn’t like me enough that I got transferred, but anyway, looking at the positive side if I were still at the previous division I wouldn’t be given the same chances to travel. Alhamdulillah kan.

By the way, the story is, she asked me “your twitter, cekcacah, is it?” I was like, eh, hmmm. Apa lah yang saya bebel di twitter tu… It is revealed later when TM retwitted my twitter. I was in Kuching with the entourage on one occasion, coincidently I terjoin the delegates in Kuching. I was there for something else but since we were in the same flight, one of the bosses invited me to have dinner with them, so there was I.

Okeh. I guess TM started to recognize me from the day I sat far too long (hours) during his open house last Syawal. Makan siap tumpang solat kat rumah dia lagi. HAHA. Okeh.


Taufik and Sally, both are my batchmate at the ministry are on study break now. Tinggal I sorang-sorang. Bosan juga tak ada kawan nak gi meluah jiwa. Plus, Jue is already married now that I didn’t get the chance to lepak at her house anymore. Fisha also left for China and Aimi is now in Taiwan. There goes all the people I with whom I love to talk to. 😦

Luckily I have this new officer, same age, she reports to me and she was from other department. So we spend a lot of time together since now it is our peak months.

Well, this I have to share.

A central agency is gonna appoint the ministry as the leader of some sort of something related to my field. So we have to strengthen our unit. Means we need more people so there are a lot of preparation towards that. And there are a lot of misunderstanding too.

The sad part of the jobs. It is like I did all and at the end someone else benefited from it. I don’t know what to call this situation. I mean, that someone else, there are few of them anyway, do they knew what have I done? What my unit is for? I letih la. Banyak benda I handled dari awal tapi at the end, other divisions got the names and perks from the job…

At the end, there are emails and letters for me to follow certain actions from the trips and courses and training they joined. So apa hasilnya korang pergi meeting and training when in the end saya jugak yang kena buat benda2 ni? Adakah masa dapat invitation tu korang lupa there is a unit called L in this ministry and then when the assignments datang,  baru korang realized, eh this should be under Unit L. Well.

I think this is sad.

I am not thinking of you ambik kuasa I, by all means take it, I think I will still be paid the same amount each month. But adakah you don’t have the hati dan perasaan… budi bicara at least. The worst part is orang-orang yang I tak kenal pun… yang pergi ni.. never work with me, never see me… It is their rezeki, I believe.

So, hari-hari I remind myself, there will something better for me, saya tak dapat pergi ni sebab maybe there will be something more important yang memerlukan perhatian saya…

Okaylah. I tak marahkan sesiapa, but maybe I am just pissed off. I pun tak tau nak marahkan siapa, maybe ada salah saya yang tak berapa nak menyerlah pasal kerja.


All the best to us all. Take care and have a nice weekend. 🙂


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simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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