Funny things

Funny when you asked things nicely, you couldn’t get it, but when you did things carelessly, and got away with it, no one was mad or even realized you did that, whatever, you still got away with it.

Yesterday I was in a meeting, such a tension meeting, I guess when the Chairman asked me, “if we allow the foreign workers to work in this subsector, to what extent? for how long? Because as we can see it, we actually fighting our way to reduce the number of foreign workers, how do you think we could cater this, and do we have alternative” and there, I was representing my office, begging for approval to allow foreign workers such an irony, is it.

Then I answered, “robot”

The chairman was like, “kau biar betul”


And everyone laughed.

Okayla tu, at least our paper was supported, till the next meeting chaired by the TPM himself, wish us all the best, la.


p,s : Ida, thanks for the comments, really appreciate them and best of luck at the new place 😉


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simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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