I was laughing to myself, because I had this funny idea on my mind when I was doing the power point slides for tomorrow’s meeting when I heard a knock on my door. Damn. Z from Northport was here. Of course he heard me. Damn, I hoped he didn’t think I was crazy or something. Here’s the thing that amused me.


Probably because when I googled foreign workers this picture came out and I think this is good to go with my slides, isn’t it? 😛

Well, yeah, that is one of the thing I do…. on foreign workers etc. Anyway, Z was here to give me this, something to decorate my boring office. Such a plain, I guess because the room is too big, then it seems too empty.



I think ports are mega structures. I really appreciated work trips that involved visits to ports.

And, anyway (again) I met Taz yesterday. He was here to drop me things I ordered online from 🙂 Some charms to light up my day. I fell in love with lovelinks when I was in Bali last September. I found this things affordable and so beautiful and cute. 😉 There, they are, next to my watch. 😛


So, till here, till we meet again, gotta get back to my presentation. Oh, and to be prepared for two meetings tomorrow. 😉



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simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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