All in a day’s work.

I had this talk with a friend, basically it was me blurting my heart feeling to a friend and, he too had things to say about (his) work.

I said, “it’s funny how you have to pay millions to a consultant to say that this should be done…. for the top management to believe what I have said before (since forever, for free)”…. more or less… and he said, yup, he found it funny too. He faced the same thing even in private sector .


I had this meeting today, which should be among the few last meetings until something is finalised, for me it’s basically like I should just believe that we can do it. But it’s only me, I think when others had something else on their minds. Well, at least I was there with open heart. Because you see, everytime I said something they managed to make me rethink my comments. Yes, sometimes they went my way but most of the times they stayed their ways, which made me think, malas nya… What ever I said, you always have something to respond.

Apa yang saya merepek ni.

Lately I selalu  rasa terhuyung hayang… K.sha (she’s here today for a while) said that something is wrong with my balancing…. Telinga I memang ada problem sikit, she advised me to go see doctor. Malasnya.

And this one consultant advised me to take opportunity to improve my network with people… for the benefit of my retiring days. Okay B….

That would be all, today I managed to go through a meeting and 3 discussions.

Alhamdulillah~ 🙂

One thought on “All in a day’s work.

  1. we often see waste of money but sadly, it’s difficult to change the system and the culture 😦

    Chah, pi la check doctor. frequent flying and all kalau ada masalah telinga, takut jadi something else pula..

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