Public speaking

I rasa kalau kita kena bagi public speaking and we have the freedom to choose our topic, I think it is better if we talk about things we are comfortable with. Boleh nak topik yang high class like teknologi whatsoever tapi, biarlah kita boleh terangkan dan tak perlu kita nak hafal spek2 yang term nya kadang-kadang kita tak faham pun.

Contohnya masa I kena bagi public speaking 9 years ago masa penilaian PTD, I bagi topik pengurusan masa in English and topik teknologi komunikasi dalam BM.

Itu tajuk 9 years ago mind you. Teknologi komunikasi was hip back then, I talked about it even before the emergence of ICT haha. Okay all I remember that I talked about video Β conferencing, SMS, website. I didn’t even know if I got it right, but that was the in thing back then, and the magazines helped me a lot. I was fortunate I love to read.

Pasal pengurusan masa pula, I was an HR degree holder, we were exposed to every thing management from few faculties, I felt I could relate to time management, I think I was comfortable talking about it. I remember ending my talk with, some sort of like this la,

There is no such thing like no enough time because, as you can see we all have 24 hours a day, it depends on how manage your time, right?

But as usual, I was idealist, and talk was cheap. It is always easier said than done. HAHA.

When I was being assessed few years back, I found myself lost for ideas but anyway,Β I keptΒ on talking, and please choose a topic that you could relate to. Even if you found yourself lost for ideas and things to say, you will find it after few seconds, because things you could relate to will always be in you… you just need time to get them connected. Get it?

When you are in public speaking and talking about your thing, nobody is gonna ask you questions you can’t answer or contest whether or not you re talking about the right thing. I supposed so, at least.

Anyway, all the best.


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simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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