ITS Seminar last week~

I was in ITS Seminar last week, at Persada Plus. It’s my first time there, was nice to get to know new place, and new people. If my mood is good.

Okay, I met few old friends, ada yang pernah share office with me even we were in a different departments. I tengah nak cari geng for lunch, until I came to a table and there’s an empty seat next to a guy. HEHE.

I baru je tanya, ada orang tak? Then he looked up at me, and said, Aishah? I was like, yes, you are …. (lucky me he’s in his department official shirt) from M… I seriously didn’t remember his name. HAHA.

It was like 8 years ago when we shared the office. It was nice he still remember me, particularly because I was so garang back then kut. I marah orang kuat sangat, especially their temporary staff budak2 yang baru lepas belajar.. HAHA.

So we chatted a bit until he had to rush after lunch, he gave me his card, then baru I tau nama dia, and then he told me to whatsapp him. HAHA.

Okay lah itu ajer. I ada gak jumpa abang long I si Zorro tu tapi dia sombonglah. HAHA harap2 dia tak baca blog ni kalau baca pun memang dia sombong pun, anyway it was nice talking to you… 😛 Jangan marah please nanti cepat tua.

Oh, I dapat powerbank samsung yang cute from the seminar! Tapi entrance fee is rm50, okaylah HR kata boleh claim.



Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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