Noah, Jiji and books, and my home ;)

I have been listening to Noah (previously Peter Pan) every time I am in my car, for these past few days. I can’t help but feel sad for Ariel. Basically the songs, almost all of them, are his hopes for his love of life.

It was sad.

And, on Wednesday, something so unfortunate happened to me… my car was hit by another car. Anyway, the damage wasn’t that bad, and I decided not to fret about it. I asked around and was informed that the cost for repairing is around RM300. I think I can manage it. Feel so helpless at the evening, I asked an old friend whom I know living in the same area to come take a look at my car. He took me to the traffic police to lodge a report. Didn’t lodge any report because it was offline and I wasn’t planning on claiming insurance.

Ok back to Noah, the CD was actually a gift from an Indonesian friend, Jurman. Ok, I asked for him to find the CD for me, and he passed it to his colleague who was here for a meeting, well that was in 2012. When I was asked to move out from my then house in 2013, I mistakenly put the CD inside a storage box which I kept in numerous stores before ending in my new home. I remembered when I met Jurman in 2013, I told him that the CD was lost. Anyway, it’s a good thing that when I started unpacking the boxes, I found the CD in the books box.

Sure, it is some kind of happiness.

I miss my old space for reading, and my tall books shelves, however the book shelves were in bad condition, the base of the wood rack was ruined due to the water leakage somewhere during the renovation course, it was bad that I had to throw it out. For now, most of my books are still in boxes. I still think of lots of things to buy to make this house complete, but I need to constantly remind myself that I will be living in this house for 20 more years, maybe, if Allah permits, insyaAllah, I have so much time to redecorate, renovate whatever, after all, this house is mine, a place I could call home. 🙂

Last weekend, I did some cooking, and each time I want to cook, I will message few friends who I know are around whether they wanted to come over dine with me, at my house. Hmmm, end up, I was having lunch, dinner and breakfast on my own, but still, I cooked! 🙂 That was an achievement enough.

Oh, finally I have returned the keys and access card to Rumah Puchong… It was kind of mixed feeling, leaving the house and the neighbourhood after two years.

Okay, enough about me. 🙂

Have a great week everyone!

4 thoughts on “Noah, Jiji and books, and my home ;)

  1. bestnya ada rumah sendiri!!! part cooking and home library, to me, are the things that make a house a home.. kan?

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