Never ending meeting

Hi, I haven’t stop having meeting, since yesterday’s afternoon. Had a discussion at MITI, and it’s funny to drive towards the new named road. The Sultan Abdul Halim or something, previously known as Jalan Duta. 🙂 Today I had two meetings, one in the morning and another one was at 4 o’clock.

But last night, I cooked! (not a news, eh?) Masak megi sup je. With chicken, prawns, egg and some vegetables. It was so nice, I finished a whole packet. Sebab I memang rasa sepaket megi tu sangat banyak kalau dulu selalu buat separuh je. And pagi tadi buat roti bakar with kaya for breakfast. Cukuplah.

Malam ni, rasa macam nak gi makan bubur nasi kat Bangi tu. Tapi takde geng lah. Tengoklah macam mana. Kalau tak balik rumah masak nasik, goreng ikan bilis campur cili dan bawang besar pun sedap juga. Last Sunday, I teringin sangat nak makan pulut ayam tapi malas nak cari beras pulut. HAHA. So, I goreng ayam, goreng bawang merah and bawang besar bagi wangi and sampai macam rangup tu, then makan ngan nasik, oiiii sedap!!! Puji masakan sendiri.

It was good to be back here writing everyday. 🙂

I had this huge responsibility this year, with a new masterplan which was launched last Monday (16th March). I heard everywhere it was logistics, logistics and logistics. Little did they know there are only two officers here managing everything. We had few plans, hopefully if not all, most of the plans work our way, insyaAllah.

My brother got married on Friday, 13th March (if you follow me on instagram you probably knew about this) 🙂 and I think he’s so happy. But there s still things I need to intervene. For example when he showed up at my house few hours before his akad, he brought the hantaran and I was like, I need to reject whatever he put effort into his hantaran hahaa, mean sister, I know.

I made him took me to Nilai (30 minutes from home) to buy some things to improve, modify, beautify the hantaran haha. Lucky I had enough time.

And when he discussed about the reception at our home somewhere around July he was focusing on berjimat cermat etc. Like no photographer? Okay…. Memang nak kenalah. I will rule! Obviously I need to dedicate some funding to make things work. But anyway, I am happy to do that. 😉

So, I am waiting for maghrib prayer at the office after going through some presentations made by my colleague. Her power point presentation wasnt not exciting. When asked she said, oh, I am engineer. Okay, understood. Nasib baik I ada skill power point yang cemerlang (puji diri sendiri) takdelah biasa je tapi bolehla kalau nak cepat2 tu, cantiklah jugak. Comel and cute, but professional? Tak…

So, that would be all. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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