Lexis, PD

Last weekend I participated in a course, a fun one. It was organized by empisee. It evolved around logistics, sharing what we have done and what are we planning to do in future. I got to know more people.

The one thing that made me smile until today was the fact that I saw my old friend. It was kind of funny, we last met (and first) in 2009. I was surprised that he remembered me, so well. Even when he first saw me at the parking lobby.

I am smiling as I am typing this.


Anyway, it was my first time in Lexis. I don’t really know what to say. I went there just to relax, and I sure did had some rest and fun. 😉

Thank you for inviting.

Ermmm, what else? Last week was a busy, started from Wednesday, up until Sunday. But this week is more relaxed, maybe the rush  will start tomorrow.

I got the chance to meet Jaja for lunch this afternoon. It was a great time, a quality time, indeed.

Well, all the best 🙂


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