First week

of April was kind of lame and boring, especially when the GST is officially applied in Malaysia.

To me, it was a frustrating scene, to see the chain wasn’t improve, the tax was supposed to be shared along the chain, not only at the end of the chain. It’s like it is not transparent at all. The customers bear the cost since before and now, they have to bear additional 6%.

I read somewhere some of Malaysian saying (and standing) on “I tak halalkan the tax” I am not sure where did this go. To the tax collector (government) or to the seller/business owner?

And then I read the thoughts of smart people. Comparing the development of Malaysia to the developed Australia. Hmm, I’d say, can we give GST a chance? While the underdeveloped had practiced the GST before us too, earlier than us, perhaps once they feel like the government is steady, hey, let’s adopt GST. I think it’s good if the GST started zaman Tun M dulu. People respect him too much to protest. And at that point, I think Malaysia was on the top form. The toppest form, if I may. Cepat kutip GST, cepat la orang kita boleh berdikari. Dan mungkin masa ni, kita dah boleh merasa apa yang orang UK atau Australia rasa, i.e, longer term of free education, improved public transportation etc.

Entahlah, my point of view je ni.

And you know what is the most frustrating of them all? The lame jokes coming out from the smart mouths and brains. Oh, too smart I felt like they deserved a slap on their cheeks.

Okay, good luck to us all. Enough of posting receipt with GST. It’s not rare. It’s not like the good pictures of foods…

Have a great weekend y’all! 🙂

p.s : I have watched the Fast and Furious 7 last night. Love it.

2 thoughts on “First week

  1. Sebelum GST : Sibuk bagi training sana sini.. untuk ajar klien. I tak rileks.

    Sehari sebelum GST: Baru nak bagi training in house for my own staff. Kesian depa sebab I baru ada masa nak training diorang…Tapi i pun masih tak rileks.

    GST day : Kena kejar sana sini tengok betul tak diorang implement GST. Me? Tak rileks.

    Hari ni… singgah blog Echah… baca isu GST.
    Haihhh.. tak boleh nak rileks..!

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