The Workshop, in Beijing and Shanghai.


Workshop di Beijing was held at the Academy for International Business Officials (AIBO), under the Ministry of Commerce, PR China. (MOFCOM). There were 12 participants from the Pan Beibu Gulf Economic Cooperation, namely Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Brunei.

Pan Beibu Gulf…. adalah kawasan ekonomi baru yang dibangunkan oleh Kerajaan China melibatkan beberapa negara bersempadan dengannya, especially Vietnam. Sementara Thailand, Malaysia dan Brunei will benefit indirectly from the project(s). Ada banyak projects and of course I was there on logistics and transport. Dan workshop ni pun focused on logistics and transport.

So, I was there for 10 days, which was divided into 4 days of classes, 2 visits to Port dan Warehouse (Tianjin and Shanghai). 4 days of travelling (KUL-PEK, PEK-SHA, SHA-PEK, PEK-KUL) and lots of time spent on the road. We went to the Great Wall too, and Silk Street (shopping) in Beijing. While in Shanghai we went to see the show, very entertaining and exciting, and spent less than two hours for shopping near the Bund area (I wish I could go there again). Oh, we were lucky to experience the ride on the fastest maglev electromagnetic train, which run up to 300km/h!

I got to spend some time at Ikram’s for two days after workshop. Di sini duit ku habis… licin. Ikram and wife ari ari bawak I gi shopping… but the best part was, Ikram shopping lagi banyak dari I! HAHA. 🙂

Time in Beijing was well spent, though I miss people and things in Malaysia very much. 🙂

Malaysian Girl…



2 thoughts on “The Workshop, in Beijing and Shanghai.

    1. shopping keperluan (kehendak) diri sendiri je. macam biasa, handbag, kasut etc etc. kepit kuku, magnet. tshirt tapi bukan untuk komersil, utk family dan diri sendiri saja.

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