It’s not my day, maybe

I woke up to the rain, thanking Allah for the rain, as I don’t have to water the plant, this could save me few more minutes on the bed, yup, wasted. I know.

I planned to meet a friend for breakfast but he got stuck up with job whatevs, when I was around his office I met another senior officer, met him before at KLIA during one of my duty there. So I said hi to him, he looked at me and asked me where I am working now, for sure I knew he didn’t remember me, but he’s older, he got to see lot of faces everyday so it’s fair, plus, I always memorize people well.

And then his memory hit him, and he said… “you’re so good.. .still remembers me” of course I do. I remember him asking one of his staff to take me to dinner after seeing me gone pale resulting of full day standing, and having no enough time to eat decently. That was almost two years ago.

But hey, that was not the main story. The story was, I couldn’t get to do the first appointment, which was to have breakfast with my friend. So instead I went to my favourite stall to tapau some rice and chicken curry which made my day.

When I reached the office, discussed few things with my assistant, then it occurred to me that she’s done something without me approving it. Well, the damage was done when I was in KK on Monday. Nothing much I could say. Just move on from whatever’s done.

Then, my monthly claim was returned due to some documents missing, which actually were there but the finance somehow couldn’t find it because I printed in on the other side, print depan belakang to save paper, no, no that was not encouraged here, I know. Weird. I managed to blame some people at my office (not the finance) but I guess they understand me enough to not take my words to the heart. Hopefully.

Then… this day still not finished.

I wonder and somehow think that this might be a dugaan pre Ramadan. Nak solat terawih kat mana malam ni? Nak sahur sorang? huuaaa

Selamat berpuasa semua. 🙂


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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