That presentation

Well hari ini I follow my Datuk R (my boss) to present a proposal to jpa, mengenai penambahan perjawatan (melalui redeployment) untuk Bahagian I sekarang ni.

For five years I’ve been here and all the things that I have done, sebenarnya saya hanya ada seorang PSU (my assistant) and seorang kerani (yang perlu dikongsi). Yes, we attended countless meetings in a week sometimes I (we) wish that we could buat belahan dedua. Gitu. Unit I (Unit L) ni secara dasarnya bertindak untuk bekerja terus dengan industry players and there are a lot of issues in this sector and there are more challenges in the future.

I have been begging for assistance since my second year in here but, tak ada sambutan dari mana-mana pihak pun cuma sekadar bagi feedback yang berkaitan but the challenges dan kerja makin bertambah sebab the more it is being explored, the more issues and challenges that we have to face.

Up until 2013, EPU came out with a proposal for the development of this sector, which I was so grateful but at the same time when I was in the meeting I could almost hear this weekly “this should be done by MOT” came from the Chairman. Well, what could I do with only two people and no budget? Muka I memang tebal dan malas I nak layan, if I could, I boleh buat.

That made me wonder why don’t you blurt this out to my top management… I was not in the power to decide on that kind issue. Whatever, it was in the past. However, I also faced internal issues such as why do we need to this and that. It’s hard at the beginning because the sector is new to the ministry.

Fast forward 2015, the study was done and it’s decided that… ermmm almost all of my concerns being addressed in the masterplan. I was like, these are the things I’m dealing with for these past years but because I was nobody… itu tidaklah menjadi issue mana kepada negara.

Anyway, akhirnya cita-cita I untuk mendapat lebih ramai pegawai untuk menggerakkan pembangunan sektor ini tercapai! Alhamdulillah!

Walaupun selepas ini, peluang I untuk outstation ke luar negara sudah berkurang but hey! I suka sebab kerja I akan jadi lebih fokus.

Well, let’s hope for the best!

p/s buzzy, I nervous sebab presentation ni, di mana cadangan dari kami maybe ditolak and we might need to explain and explain on why do we need to this and that… but alhamdulillah! it’s agreeable.πŸ˜‰

Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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