IMG_20130521_141915Been changing the theme yet again, argh… bear with me 🙂

There’s not a lot of things happen but the little things anyway brought in major difference to my life.

I’d like to say they made my life feels better, at least so far.

It’s always at that time when I was praying and thinking of bad things I’ve done, my tears would fall easily, I had this feeling that I could do better with my life… end up, I was praying and questioning why was I too weak to face the challenges that came my way.

Let’s hope for a better future.

I am foreseeing major changes in my office too, we are expecting some new officers, some seniors and juniors that will join me in my newly reorganized unit, so… some of the officers will have to move out of our comfort rooms to some smaller rooms. Some moves are practical but I couldn’t help but notice some of the moves needed to be done based on request of some people, to put in a simple way, this is office politics. Well, I can’t give much care, I am here to work anyway if you want me to move, I’ll be moving.

It’s just that, I am sad thinking of how we respect some people and never give a care of how they work even if I don’t like their way… never really questions their actions… only to find out that they are trying to trouble you upon small things… some are not even necessary.

Well, that’s life, and this kind of incidence will surely change my way of looking at certain things in the future.

I could say that I am not a really good person but, I try my best to respect people and to always have a good first impression about someone… until they broke all the positive things… I’ve been trying to create about them, well maybe they saw me from the bad side that I’ve been covering so far.

Whatever it is, life must go on. Love will find you….

Take care and have a good week ahead. 🙂




Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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