That Lab


At this point of time I seriously don’t know if I’m doing things rightly. I mean I planned this lab without consulting my boss and just kept updating him through emails, memo and notes. But the news reached the top management and somehow Bigboss has different view. But he told me to proceed what I’ve planned.

I’m not sure too because I was here since this thing first fell into the hand of our ministry. Nobody seemed to feel the need of doing this and I agreed that it should be under my unit’s purview but we faced shortage of staffs and it’s was hard enough to be the first to fill in the post with no guidance and then all the issues that were pending before suddenly being passed to me… with expectations that were higher than anything I wondered why some issues were hanging there since 96…were they waiting for me to finish school?

Enough I think. Good night. It’s gonna be a long day tomorrow. It’s a new day after all, let’s hope for the best.

Good night! 😍

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