Naik kapal terbang


Tetiba teringin nak tulis pasal naik kapal terbang. It seems that flying is not a big deal anymore, to the point that people take it for granted.

Here’s my observation! 🙂

  • Identify a good date to fly, and a matching time, which is convenient enough for you to manage your time on that day, from the time you move from your home/office to your boarding time. Jangan sampai miss flight because it would be too costly to pay for a replacement ticket.
  • Ensure that you would be able to reach the airport on time. On time might be a little bit late, however nowadays.
  • Check how would you get to the airport, by train? taxi? someone’s dropping you, make sure you manage it well. If you plan to get there by train, check the schedule and allow at least 30 minutes of leisure time that might be convenient to you. 30 minutes earlier, I mean.
  • If you are flying from klia2 I would advise you to be at the airport one hour before your flight time. (30 minutes for boarding + 30 minutes to get to your gate without spending time at the mall). If you are planning to roam at the mall, get there 2 hours earlier (if possible) because you will be tempted to peek into at least one shop. (I did).
  • Make sure you adhere to whatever rules about flying i.e allowed weight for hand luggage, allowed weight per bag for check in, allowed items to be carried. Otherwise it might cost you (and everyone else) more time and possibly money!
  • Be patient, if the flight is delayed or whatever… because it’s not only you, it’s the whole ship experiencing it. Stay positive, maybe you want to swear or whatever, do it in your heart, or think about any other positive things that will make you smile, like the view of the places you’re going or the faces of your family 🙂 or food that you’re gonna have once you’ve reached your destination.
  • If person seated next to you is a trouble to you, just be patient, because hopefully the flight won’t be too long, or if the flight is long enough for a good sleep, try sleeping. Or if the in flight entertainment is available, utilize it to the max.
  • Try to do things yourself, no matter how much you pay for the tickets, try not to trouble the air hostess/flight attendant… because I think everyone is tired, and though it’s their job to keep you comfortable, the feeling comes within yourself first… 🙂
  • If there’s something wrong with your seat, tv is not working or wet seat, call the flight attendant and if possible, ask for something to compensate.

I think itu saja.

Though I tak fly banyak mana pun but I feel the need to share this because I found a lot of people complaining (me included) but as I gave it a good thought, I think some of the things are from our own self. 😛 But maybe that’s just me.

Take care and yes, maybe everybody can fly.


Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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