That baju kurung!


I can say that I am such a sucker for anything cheaper! What more if I could find cheaper price for the same outfit/things, usually it’s the outfit!

Few years ago when I was happily carrying fancy bags I got from Feringhi Night Market and friends ask, is that a Coach? Hahaha, no, of course I didn’t get the imitation coach, mind you! If I want to buy cheap things, I would prefer things without brands! Ataupun beli brand yang kita tahu padan dengan harga dan kemampuan sudah, seperti Vincci ke, Bata ke…

Oh, btw baju kurung ni saya beli online, through Instagram. Ni hasil scrolling and searching for hashtags! Susah juga sebab dah selalu sangat window shopping… now dah terbawa-bawa pakai devices pulak. Rasanya tak healthy but, this is one of the ways of scoring cheap/affordable things with good quality!

Dulu I selalu juga spend time kat Pasar Malam Jalan TAR (10 years ago) when I started working and needed to get more baju kurung, I got most of baju kurung at RM50. Then I went to Ampang Park and saw that same quality, same type of fabric being sold at RM150++ so, there I know that….

Tapi janganlah praktikkan yang sama dengan baju-baju designers ya, diorang kerja teruk/perah idea/crack their brain to come out with such design, we should respect their workmanship and it’s their right to put the price based on their work.

Baju ni I beli from karabum.fabulous (on instagram) for less than RM70! 🙂 Such a steal!


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