That presentation


Have you ever googled your name? I did last night. Long story short, I did just because I just gave my full name to my neighbour who was in charge of collecting borang balik kampung for this raya season. 😛  So my mind was like, what if they  googled my name because I’ve never shared much any information with my neighbours… well, it’s me. Selalu berangan!

Apparently it led me to this report prepared by MITI and ASEAN. Haha, I guess they just bumped into my presentation. Somehow I am glad that the things that I’ve put on a presentation were useful for others. The information might be lying around for quite a time before I put it in my presentation, but somehow, I fell happy. 😉

That would be all.

And that might answer some questions like, mu gi oversea buat apa…



Pengarang: aishahkay

simple young lady, living happy most of the time.

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