1. I have received news that one of my batchmates, even though I am not sure if I have talked to him before or not, maybe we passed some smiles or knowing nods, diplomatically, he, anyway, passed away this afternoon. He left one wife and one daughter, may he rest in peace. He was 44. He’s Mr. Anbucheliyan.
  2. One of my credit cards was canceled due to misused by someone. I didn’t know who. I needed to use the card as I was supposed to work outstation on the following week. I found my old credit card that I’ve never used, dated back on 2013. Okay, call the bank to get it activated, problem solved. I also received replacement card last week. Now I have more cards in hand.
  3. I got into a silent war with the taxi driver few weeks ago. He tried to advise me on something, it was so tense, I am always reminded of this.  I need to review myself. I might be Becca in the Hindsight. During the finale last night, Lolly said that Becca is bad person. She messed other people’s life. But all Becca thought was – she is improving things – but unintentionally she messed things up.
  4. I am thinking of a new car – relatively. Might not thinking it further – not in these 3 years.
  5. Bought the first Murakami – so I had this feeling that I could also be a writer.
  6. Went home last weekend. I guess – it was homesick me.
  7. Okay that’s all for now.


One thought on “News

  1. 😥

    Anbu’s demise stunned me too… he was my debate partner back in DPA.. a nice person, always courteous.. lost communication a few years ago but surely gonna think of him in fondness..


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