Last night a sister shared on a group whatsapps, pasal someone’s encouraging people to share the decoration idea for vanity. The caption was “my humble vanity” but it was so contradictory when next to the desk is a shelf of LVs, Gucci’s and the make up desk is full of branded cosmetics.

No, we didn’t dwell on that idea, instead we started taking photos of our own vanity to share among us. It’s such a crazy thing to do, at almost 11pm. Haha. I bet mine was the most messed up.

I don’t really know how to do make up (on face) but I did apply few things on my face just to make me feel good.

By the way, pagi tadi,  I woke up at 6.22 am (after 3 times snooze).  Mandi, solat subuh, iron baju, put on some make up and I was out of home at around 7.05 am. I mean, not so bad, less than an hour to be ready.

2 thoughts on “Vanity/Vain

  1. i don’t even have a vanity, huhu.. my makeup is in a purse, as i am living out of suitcase this past month. esok petang baru pindah masuk kuarters balik

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