Nescafe Barista

I beli benda mesin kopi tu, finally, I wasn’t really thinking of buying it anytime soon, even I had always like the idea of having good coffee anytime I want, but well you know, it’s a bit on the high side, the price. Walaupun sebenarnya, kalau kira, kopi starbucks tu lagi mahal. Tapi yelah we pay for a lot of other things, besides good coffee. We pay for the brand, the service and as well contributing to the coffee planters and many others, indirectly.

I made the order in 2nd week of November when a friend texted me the screenshot of the singles day sale (11.11), when the price was off RM20 more than the already offered price. It was RM209 at the time, while it was RM239 few days before. So, in between of waiting for my turn to throw, I made the order. I was in Kuantan, having bowling training at that time.

So, my review, not. Since yesterday, I had two cappuccino and one latte already!! I love it so much! (the machine). The coffee was nice. It’s good enough than settling for the pre-mix sugar loaded instant latte and cappuccino. The best part was, there’s a box of 1 litre recommended milk, together with the nescafe gold blend in the box. I purchased it via 11street.

I would definitely recommend this to any coffee lovers, well, if you just don’t mind brewing from the coarse grind instead of whole bean (as you can see at Starbucks and the likes). Of course there would be no coffee aroma in your home, but the taste is there. Plus, it takes only few minutes to get the coffee done.

The machine is simple, as clumsy as I am, I have no problem working with it. πŸ˜› It’s easy to clean too, anyway, there’s a manual/user handbook for troubleshooting to assist me if there’s future issues (touchwood).

I like it. If you have extra RM250 and love good coffee, maybe you should consider it.

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