The feeling of “I have to know it all”

Well, happy new year you! It’s 2017, suddenly! It really is like a dream, can’t really believe it,

surreal, but interesting!


Anyway, here’s to such a serious post on the first week of 2017.

I am in a service that being known as, the premier service, something like that. Our positions, (my colleagues, my batchmates) are quite a hard to get and of course I am so thankful and grateful to be one of the officers.

Anyway, it kinda annoying that most of us have this feeling that they deserve to know everything. Like, when a ministry had announced new method for something, almost immediately, there will be a question in the WA group – demanding, something like “Anyone from this ministry, care to explain why this and this”

I was like, hey,

  • why do you need further explanation? aren’t you also a public citizen? are you that special?
  • do you really need to know why?
  • do you not trust the people who have worked for it?
  • you have better idea?
  • you don’t think we’ve thought things through, do you?

and the list could go on.

Well, maybe it’s just me but sometimes I just wish I could say “chill bro! don’t you trust the systems and people who made that decision?” or… “do you really need to know, why?”

It annoys me to think that they think they are entitled to some explanation – like, at times they just wanted to be treated as public citizen but most of the times, they kind of put themselves above the rest, yes, even if we are, do we really need to know things behind each decision made?

Just my point of view.

Anyway, first day at the office with runny nose. 😦

Cheers everyone, semoga lebih bersemangat!

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