The Gift – Cecelia Ahern


Hi, semangat nampak nak buat book review.


Anyway buku ni sesuai betul dibaca pada musim Krismas, I bought the book when I was in Penang last December. Found it a Popular Sale at the Straits Quay.

It’s a heartwarming story – a story in a story, somewhat story-ception πŸ˜› although it left me confuse for a few times especially after and resting for a day or two – I did get lost haha, but maybe that’s just me.

Cecelia Ahern as always has some interesting way of writing, (P.S I love you, Rosie Dunn) but I didn’t find this book as fascinating. Maybe because this story is quite a mature one, and put me on thinking mode? Something like that. It’s not as relaxing as her other books that I’ve read, but it’s still is interesting – that I’ve managed to finish it.

Overall I give this book – 3.5/5.


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