The Wife and the Old Chang Kee


The Wife by Meg Wolitzer     

I have just finished reading this book. I didn’t agree with the ending, I think it’s a bit rushing.  Like the author didn’t want to think things through anymore, perhaps I was hoping for a fairer ending. Anyway, there might be a sequel to this book, I would have to find out.

This is my first book from the author, and this is actually her 4th or 5th already.  It was published in 2003 and the background starts as early as 1930s. I do like the story maybe that was why I felt disappointed with the ending.

The Wife as the name is the story from a wife, a bit of a trophy wifey, a source of inspirational, and some mysterious wife.  It is a story told by Joan, or Joanie, the supporting wife of Joe/Joseph Castleman. Joe was the professor when they first met and a bit of embarrassing it was, Joan admitted that she sort of taking Joe from the first wife. Joan was (a bit cliché) the student in Joe’s class.

It was writing that brought them together, as Joe was the writer. The story started with the journey to Helsinki, for Joe was (finally) going to accept the most prestigious award in literary and Joanie was contemplating of leaving her husband.

The story progress with Joanie remembering, it was like she’s collecting some proof or justification on why she should leave her husband.  Secrets were revealed that in the end she finally had the courage to tell Joe that she’s leaving him.

I think this book is good, I am not sure why but I kept wanting to get back to the book, to finish, to know more of what is Joan going to share. It was that good.

I recommend this to everyone.

By the way, the currypuff from Old Chang Kee was not as good as I remember.

p.s : It’s good to be back brewing my own coffee. 😛 

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