Singapore Weekend Trip

I went to Singapore last weekend. It’s my fifth time there. This time, Buzzy arranged everything, I was only the follower.

We went on separate flight, she flew from Penang while I was from klia2. I reached the accommodation earlier, about 3 hours earlier, and couldn’t check in because she was the one who do the booking. Well, not an issue as the surrounding area was happening enough to wander alone.

I had my dinner at Kampung Glam Cafe, my third time there, actually. I didn’t really care about the area when Buzzy mentioned the name of the hostel. It’s called Project Bugis, so I was expecting the Bugis street/junction area only that it’s actually near Sultan/Arab/Beach/Pahang Street. But still we could just walk to Bugis Junction/Street.

We stayed at a hostel, it’s my first time staying at a hostel-type accommodation. It’s fun anyway, we stayed in the private room – with a double decker bed and shared bathroom with others. We paid around SGD150 for that room for two nights. (I still owe buzzy SGD20). The hostel provides simple breakfast which was good enough for me – there are bread and cereal and most importantly – coffee machine 🙂 It’s called the 5footway inn, Projeck Bugis.

Mainly we explored Singapore on foot. Anyway we got on a taxi from Harbour Front to Garden By The Bay – if we could, we prefer to walk but taxi wasn’t so expensive either -by the Singaporean rate, it’s SGD5 only. We went to Garden by the bay, same thing, Buzzy bought the ticket online, for Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. I’ve been to the Garden before, but only at the outside. I love both places, especially the Cloud Forest, I think it’s some kind of magical place haha – I just wish I brought some food with me. I was constantly hungry! Haha.

Before we went to the Garden, we dropped by at the Orchard Station – Orchard Central, relaxing for a bit at the National Library – too fun!! I could spend all day there -maybe. I took note on that and silently wishing for a meeting in Singapore in the future so that I could spend more time there. Love the library!

Sunday was spent walking around our hostel area and then we went to Bugis Street/Junction – I bought something at the Yves Roscher there. The price is same as in Malaysia maybe cheaper – plus there’s a lucky draw – not lucky enough I only got a bottle of 50ml shower gel. But’s it’s SGD4 so still good.

I left Buzzy at the Bugis – she went back to the Library, my flight was at 3pm and I managed to take away few pieces of currypuff! 🙂 Love the old chang kee. So glad to find the shop at the Terminal 3.

It’s a great weekend, we walked over than 15km according to my phone. I changed for SGD200 and brought back SGD65! I paid for accommodation with cash – 50SGD. We didn’t shop much except for food and drinks and I spent SGD22 on Yves Rocsher.  Someone lent me his eazy card – so saved me few dollars there. 🙂

That’s all! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Singapore Weekend Trip

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      It’s like Touch n Go card tapi dengan lebih benefit.

    1. Something to look forward lah. Boleh lah carik cheap flight again pegi sana dan buat weekend gateway lagi. I left with 100sgd lagi.

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