The idea of him

Got this book at the Big Bad Wolf sale last December.

  • I don’tideaofhim really know what I felt about this book, I can’t help being mad at Allie. I think I need to join a book club to discuss about this book – never thought I will see this kind of need;
  • I think the relationship/ friendship between Allie and Jackie was weird and I don’t think it exists in real life, but maybe I haven’t experience enough – that got me thinking how much the author has been through to get the feeling – Ms Holly must have done long and deep thinking to come out with this plot/story – of course;
  • It’s a wonder why I couldn’t wait to know the ending though usually if I found a book to be a bit stressful I wouldn’t likely be able to finish but this book kept me hooked;
  • I think the mistake/wrongdoing done by Wade and Murray wasn’t that strong – at least to make them go to witness protection program – but what do I know about other countries’ rules and regulations;
  • I think putting Caitlin as the latest affair wasn’t good – maybe it’s supposed to be a bit of shocking ending but I felt like, meh… ;
  • I like James and his maturity – he’s a brother;
  • I don’t like Tommy? I can’t really remember his name but he is Allie’s classmate – he doesn’t have the right to be mad about Allie’s personal life – I was like, WTH? when I read his reaction;
  • I think when it comes about men, I have to agree with Jackie – Allie is clueless – Allie might be brilliant in her work and study but – (I think I have a bit of Allie in me) she’s clueless;
  • Anyway it’s just from my point of view, go read this for yourself and share how you feel!

That’s all! πŸ˜›

No synopsis – you can get it elsewhere I think.

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