BR1M dan Elaun JKM

My brother asked me the other day, why our grandma didn’t receive the allowance from JKM. I just said I didn’t know. My grandma also applied for BR1M. She’s eligible I think, I have never gone through the criteria for these two allowance from our government.

It saddens me actually, for the fact that why would my grandma applied for the allowances when her children could help her out. It might be peer pressure. When she’s with her friends, they might talk about BR1M and JKM allowances.

I used to tell my grandma, that I think there are people who might need the allowances, more than she does. She has what she needs, and her children (my father is one of them) cares about her, but she’s a mother – one thing for sure, no mother would want to trouble her kids, no matter how old the kids are, right?

So I said, let her lah. We support her with what we can. We are not that wealthy, but we have enough.

So, back to the assistance, I am sure there’s a thorough detailed data about the total citizens that eligible for this, so I pray that the government’s estimation is correct, about the number of people, and the amount of money to be spent on this.

I just hope that we could work to make our life better instead of depending on this two times assistance. Let those who eligible applies. Because I supposed there’s allocation for this thing.

But I am afraid of people who take advantage of this system. I just wish they changed.

Otherwise, we will stay at this level, for a long time.

Pray for the best!

One thought on “BR1M dan Elaun JKM

  1. I think setiap system tu mesti akan ada org akan amik kesempatan. Lagi la system yg bagi2 duit nie. Kena ada org monitor and that requires a lot of headcount also.

    Hmm.. entah lah. i pun tatau. 😝

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