I think I love running, there’s some point in my life when running was a hobby. Hah. So why did I left this activity, like right now I’ve left reading.

Yesterday I pushed myself to run. I was calculating on what to do when I just decided to just go. The outfit and running shoes are always in my car anyway. So off I went. I started at a familiar place, where I knew there’ll be a lot of people doing the same thing, it’s safe that way.

I ran up and down, climbed the stairs and went down, and circling the same route few times. I set to burn 300 calories I didn’t really know how much it would take actually, but I stopped with around 70 calories to be burnt. I stopped because I remember that I didn’t eat that much, I might have calories deficit. HAHA.

So, I did explore more than I usually do. It’s so refreshing and I was so happy! I really wish this could be a routine for me. Until I am confident enough to join running team or whatever, for now I am doing this comfortably by myself.

Eh, work is okay, despite so many things I didn’t like, I think I’ll manage it anyway. It’s a challenging environment. I learnt not only how to do my work, but most importantly, to deal with people and related issues that will enhance my communication, negotiation and fighting skills. HAHA.

So, till then, I wish you guys great weekend. πŸ™‚

Oh, yeah, I really love my new lipstick. It’s from silky girl. πŸ™‚



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