Memeluk masa lalu

MEMELUK.jpgBy Dwitasari.

I have developed this special love for Indonesian language, and the story too. I know that our own Bahasa Melayu is special and one of a kind but I can’t really find a book that made me fall in love with the story. Except maybe those books from Enid Blyton’s series which were translated anyway.

This book is unfinished in a good way, we needed to find our own conclusion. Hah, cerita remaja lagi pun. I bought this book on few factors, my sister wanted thin Indonesian novel and it’s cheap too, around 12RM.

It was about two people, Raditya and Cleo who fell in love with each other but didn’t get the chance to say it the first time. They met years later and time wasn’t on their side, again.

They met again after 3 years, which wasn’t so long a time for me. Well, I didn’t progress much in 3 years, but yeah, a lot of things could happen even within a month, but for this story I think 5 years might be better. Well.

The story started sweetly but hmmm, I am not really sure anyway. But it’s good. I think I can relate a bit. They met when they were fated to sit next to each other on 18 hours bus trip! I met many people when I took the bus from K.Krai to KL or Putrajaya too! But they memories wasn’t as sweet though. πŸ™‚

I am writing this as I am waiting to transfer photos from my phone to my laptop.

Good night!


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