I’ll be fine.

Hi, it’s me, in case you miss me or you forget how I look like. Or maybe it’s your first time here. Though I wonder who would go down to read blog anymore, when Instagram and Facebook as well as Twitter provides more instant updates.

But, anyway, I’ll be fine is about me, how I need to remind myself that whatever I am facing now or rather, whatever being shoved onto my face for time being, I will be fine out of it.

I read somewhere that, communication is the key. I was wondering, that communication needs more than one parties. Communication effectively works two ways, there must be a response to the information. Otherwise, it’s not effective. While I understand that it helps to voice out our dissatisfaction or whatever we think should be discussed, but it wouldn’t mean anything if the other sides didn’t think it in that way.

It’s Monday, and I guess that it should be a good day to start, though any day would do, but it’s a new week, so cheers!

We are all gonna be fine! Insya Allah! 🙂

Take care!

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