Not so much


It’s quite a slow day for me and my head hurts! I am fasting today, so I slept through lunch break and woke up with more headache.  The office is cold too, not helping, even a blazer is not enough to beat the cold.

Now, I am thinking of what to have for breakfast today.

I need to buy some milk and cheese too. Maybe salmon. I accidentally left the milk out of the fridge yesterday so it was ruined when I wanted to have it with cereal and coffee this morning during sahur… That’s explain the headache I think, less coffee.

I bought the hash brown and some sausages earlier, planning for a big breakfast kind of meal. Maybe should add some greens, spinach would be good but the problem is I am too lazy to buy greens because most of the time, they dried themselves in the fridge (my fault). Need to be more discipline on greens. 🙂 Spinach would be good.

I am also considering of whether to drop by at the Cold Storage or Jaya’s Grocer to get these things… If I went to Alamanda for Cold Storage, the route back would be super congested but if I went to D’Pulze for Jaya… the parking space is not so good thing. Hmm. Pening kan?

I might cook something for dinner *shrugs* I feel like eating rice but… I’m also thinking of pasta. 😛

Last week I went for bowling practices twice. Alone. I actually hate of waiting for people and I also hate the idea of having people to wait for me. So, it’s more convenient to just go by myself. Some find it weird, to bowl alone? I can’t really care about it anyway.

Maybe people think that I don’t have friends but, let them lah. 🙂 I am happy just the way I am.

Hope you have a good day so far. 🙂

One thought on “Not so much

  1. there’s nothing wrong with enjoying our off time alone doing the things we want to do. people can think anything they want, they are not right anyway..

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